Signature Programs:  Trainings

The cornerstone of the NAMI organization is its signature support groups, classes, and presentations that reduce the stigma around mental illness and help individuals and families facing mental health challenges. It is NAMI Florida’s goal to empower its statewide affiliates to build capacity for more of these programs to flourish locally.

To achieve that goal, in 2014 NAMI-Florida appointed a volunteer education committee from several affiliates to approve trainings for NAMI Signature programs on a statewide basis.  These programs are sponsored by local affiliates, but must meet the standards and guidelines from National. Since this process began, our records indicate the following.

Number of Trainings 2015: 10 Number of Trainings 2016: 16
Connection-1 (Pasco)
Ending the Silence-3 (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Tallahassee)
Family-to-Family-3 (Broward, Hillsborough, Orlando)
Family Support Group-2 (Gainesville, Orlando)
Peer-to-Peer – 1 (Broward)
Basics-1 (Orlando)
Connection –5 (Palm Beach, Bay, Lee, Miami-Dade, Pasco)
Ending the Silence – 1 (Palm Beach)
Family-to-Family – 2 (Broward, Tallahassee)
Family-to-Family Spanish – 1 (Broward)
Family Support Group – 4 (Orlando, Lee, Miami-Dade, Orlando)
Peer-to-Peer-2 (Broward, Lee)
Number of Trainings 2017: 18 Number of Trainings 2018: 7
Basics – 1 (NAMI Florida/Hernando)
Connection – 5 (Miami, Pinellas, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Lee)
Ending the Silence – 2 (Hernando, Broward)
Family-to-Family – 3 (Bay, Miami, Palm Beach)
Family Support Group – 4 (Miami, Pinellas, Palm Beach, Gainesville)
Parents and Teachers as Allies – 1 (Hernando)
Peer-to-Peer-2 (Broward, Orlando)
Connection – 2 (Hernando, Miami-Dade)
Family Support Group – 1 (Orlando)
Family-to-Family – 3 (Broward, Hernando, Orlando)
Peer-to-Peer – 1 (Broward)

Approval Process for Sponsoring Affiliates:

  • Affiliates interested in sponsoring a training should first review NAMI’s 2017 Signature Program Operating Polices to ensure training compliance for their programs, trainers, teachers, facilitators and presenters.  Please note on page 12 that, “All trainings must be reported to NAMI through the online data reporting system [by the state office] six weeks prior to the training.”
  • If your affiliate is interested in sponsoring a signature program, please connect to the linked application form below.
  • Your submission will automatically be forwarded to the members of the Education Committee.  Following approval, you will be contacted Cindy Foster at to coordinate notification to outside affiliates and training requirements.
  • Trainers for the courses must have completed the national training course and have maintained membership with NAMI National.
  • A current list of certified trainers is linked here for affiliates interested in sponsoring trainings.  This list will be updated as new trainers are added.
Training Application Link

The following affiliate sponsored trainings have been approved for 2017 and 2018.
We expect to add to this list as new trainings are approved. If a course is available to outside affiliates, the fee listed is determined by the sponsoring affiliate and usually includes materials and meals.  Affiliates should contact the individuals listed for additional information and to register members for trainings.

Date: Signature Program: Affiliate: Contact: Outside Affiliate Fee:
2/5/2017 Parents & Teachers as Allies Hernando Tina Kinney, $ 125.00
2/5/2017 Ending the Silence Hernando $ 125.00
3/5/2017 Family-to-Family Bay County Kathryn Samuels, $ 150.00
3/11/2017 Family Support Group Miami-Dade Robin Cole, $ 120.00
3/18/2017 Connection Miami-Dade Robin Cole, $120.00
3/24/2017 Family-to-Family Miami-Dade Robin Cole, $120.00
3/31/2017 Ending the Silence Broward Angelica Susana, $125.00
5/6/2017 Connection Pinellas Sarah Miller, $125.00
5/12/2017 Peer-to-Peer Greater Orlando Barbara Aikens, $ 150.00
6/3/2017 Connection Jacksonville Tory Wilcox,  Contact affiliate
6/3/2017 Family Support Group
Pinellas Sarah Miller, Closed to outside affliates
6/10/2017 Family Support Group
Palm Beach Katherine Murphy, $120.00
6/24-25/2017 Basics NAMI FL/Hernando Tina Kinney, $50.00
7/8/2017 Connection Gainesville Judy Broward,  $150.00
7/15/2017 Family-to-Family Palm Beach Katherine Murphy, $125.00
8/19/2017 Family Support Group Alachua/Gainesville Terrie Mullin, $100.00
8/25-27/2017 Peer-to-Peer Broward Angelica Susana, $ 125.00
 11/4-5/2017  Connection  Lee Sheridan Chester, $125.00
1/6-7/2018 Family Support Group Greater Orlando Lynn Penyak, Closed to outside affliates
1/19-21/2018 Family-to-Family Pinellas Sarah Miller, $120.00
1/20-21/2018 Connection Hernando Tina Kinney,
1/20-22/2018 Family-to-Family Broward Angelica Susana,  $125.00
2/16-18/2018 Peer-to-Peer Broward Angelica Susana, $ 125.00
2/23-25/2018 Family-to-Family Greater Orlando Lynn Penyak, $125.00
3/17-18/2018 Connection Miami-Dade Denise Llerena, Closed to outside affiliates